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Account Automation: The New Budgeting System with Ashlee Quinn-Hogan

By Kathy Cook Noble | May 24, 2022

In this episode of Financially Speaking, Ashlee shares a new form of budgeting: account automation. Ashlee discusses her experience with account automation and how this practice can be used to rewire your money mindset. Ashlee Quinn-Hogan was born in the small town of St. Thomas, Ontario. From a young age, she took an interest in business,…

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On The Road Less Traveled with Author Ed Hajim

By Kathy Cook Noble | May 17, 2022

Kathy talks with author, Wall Street executive, and chairman of High Vista, Ed Hajim. The two discuss Ed’s work in the finance industry and his new book On the Road Less Traveled. “On the Road Less Traveled is the inspirational story of Edmund A. Hajim, an American financier and philanthropist who rises from dire childhood…

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A Financial Chit Chat?

By Kathy Cook Noble | May 10, 2022

Join Kathy Cook Noble talking about the new Federal budget, budgeting, difference between TFSA and RRSP and managing debt.

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