A Family Affair: Family Financial Literacy With Ashlee Quinn-Hogan

In this episode, Ashlee addresses parents, talking about the importance of Financial Literacy for the whole family. Ashlee discusses how your financial success and planning affect your children’s understanding of money. And how that impacts their financial future. She touches on how parents can help their children get a head start on investing; managing their money; financing their education; paying off loans; and buying a home. The overall message is – You cannot help your kids succeed financially unless you first help yourself succeed.

Ashlee Quinn-Hogan was born in the small town of St. Thomas, Ontario. From a young age, she took an interest in business, finance, and investing. Currently, she is an undergraduate student at The University of Western Ontario where she is studying psychology and criminology. In the fall of 2021, Ashlee will be starting her MA in Criminology. Although her specialization falls outside the realm of business and finance, Ashlee is a firm believer in investing young and educating oneself in the world of finance. Ashlee is also an active volunteer in both the St. Thomas and London communities. She is dedicated to giving back to the community and advocating for those often marginalized in society. Her interests include reading, baking, hiking, and listening to Financially Speaking with Kathy Cook-Noble.

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