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Podcast: If you can dream it-she can paint it with Artist, Paula Mould.

By Kathy Cook Noble | September 30, 2019

If you can dream it-she can paint it.  Artist, Paula Mould, If you’re looking to brighten up your space with intense art, either of your favourite humans or animals, you’ve come to the right place. Paula Mould      hello@paulamould.com  http://www.paulamould.com/

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Podcast: Meet your Money Coach – Danielle Corcoran

By Kathy Cook Noble | September 24, 2019

Danielle Corcoran is the founder of The Corcoran Coaching Group, a company that works with families, small business owners and corporations to develop money strategies that aid in making better financial decisions and teach how to spend money with intention. Danielle Corcoran grew up in eastern Canada, specifically Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, and earned her business…

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Podcast: Meet Tikka Tomato

By Kathy Cook Noble | September 9, 2019

Meet Geeta Patel Gordon – from Tikka Tomato. Tikka Tomato is an upcoming Indian fusion food truck by Geeta and Allen Gordon, and the very first of its kind in St. Thomas, Ontario. Both Geeta and Allen firmly believe they were put on this planet to bring happiness through food to the entire world. From…

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