Meaningful Creativity With Special Guest Paula Telizyn

Kathy talks with author, artist, and entrepreneur Paula Telizyn of Zynfinity Design. Paula explains the importance of pursuing meaningful creativity even in the face of massive global events. Kathy and Paula discuss how small businesses impact both their local communities and the world at large.

Paula Telizyn is an author, artist and business owner who has been an entrepreneur for 22 years. She’s written several books, covering topics from business to self improvement. She’s a single parent of three demon spawn who are now in their teens and twenties. She’s also a wicked portrait artist with art in private collections around the world. Paula knows what it takes to scale a business from 0 to half a million dollars in revenue. She knows how to get through tough times and when to let go and change everything. She’s also sometimes funny on purpose. Paula and her adult daughter Emma currently run Zynfinity Design, a website agency serving small businesses locally and globally.