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Podcast: Cost Savings Tips & Tricks

By Kathy Cook Noble | February 12, 2018

Cost Savings Tips & Tricks ~ What would happen if you could save an extra $20, $40, $80, $100 or more per month? You could pay down that debt faster. You could invest for your future self. You could go on that trip you’ve been dreaming about. You could buy that new car you’ve been…

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Podcast: It All Starts Today – Financial Freedom!

By Kathy Cook Noble | February 5, 2018

When is the best time to learn about financial freedom? How do you learn about financial freedom? What does it mean? Today is the day we begin our journey on the road to financial freedom. So many women are nervous and scared to learn about finances that they avoid it until it is thrust upon…

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What to Expect When you Apply for Insurance

By Kathy Cook Noble | June 8, 2016

Prepare for the future. Live in the moment. You hear this advice all the time and wonder which makes more sense. Well, the answer to that is easy – if you prepare for the future, it makes living in the moment a lot easier to do. Applying for life insurance is an important task that…

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