Podcast: SOAR with Special Guest Laurie Hawkins

Laurie is driven by a passion for results! A successful business leader for over 20 years, she understands the challenges of connecting with customers in today’s market and how traditional sales and service methodologies are not driving the desired results. 

Laurie has studied the habits of top performers and organizations in the areas of sales, service and organizational culture. She leverages her education, experiences and insights to create programs that assist organizations to drive results in today’s competitive market.

SOAR is a community for smart, savvy business women who are committed to building themselves, both professionally and personally. It’s about the intersection of insights, ideas, imagination and inspiration that will allow you to radiate, renew and thrive in your life and business. SOAR is on a quest to create a powerful community for women to share, learn, grow and simply awaken their souls to all that is possible.

Join me in welcoming Laurie Hawkins! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to talk to Laurie.

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