Podcast: Beautiful Skin And The Cost Of Having It with Skin Care Expert Katina Kritikos

Part 2 of our conversation with Katina about the affect beautiful skin care has on confidence. Also talking to Katina about the very big industry of weddings and how important beautiful skin care is for the special day. Join me and we’ll talk to Katina, skin care expert, about the cost of beautiful, both monetary and spiritually.

From a very young age Katina knew that one of her Sacred Gifts was the gift of Service.
She had a unique ability in understanding and empathizing with those around her.
Her love of creating beauty for others and healing not only their bodies, but their spirit and soul, manifested at an early age. During her teen years, she developed severe Cystic Acne. At 14 years old, her family doctor prescribed a series of antibiotics to treat her skin. She knew she was not sick, but the antibiotics made her sick. She started to read everything she could about Acne.

Beautiful skin care has been Katina’s passion and mission ever since.

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