Spring Forward Mindset With Lifestyle Host Brent “Besh” Beshara

Spring is the season of renewal and fresh beginnings. Kathy talks with Lifestyle Host Brent “Besh” Beshara about approaching the new season with a “spring forward” mindset. The two discuss entering into spring 2022 mindfully and with positive intentions for the coming season.

I am a global citizen, student of life, explorer, scientist, and a firehose philosopher. My 24 years in the Canadian military as a Special Forces Navy Bomb Disposal Diver were amazing, but it came with a sincere sacrifice. It cost me mentally, physically, and cost me my first marriage. So since retiring in 2007, I have created for myself a lifestyle of researching, understanding, and applying the “application of life” which consists of many diverse modalities from ancient tribal wisdom, to current quantum understandings, to extreme cold exposure. This world understanding has allowed me to get to know the truth of myself which helps free me from the perceived dramas of life. What I want for myself, I want for everyone, therefore I feel compelled to share my personal method of understanding that continues to help me and can help others clear their vexations and live a life truly worth living. 

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