Making Survival Beautiful

The Pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, and it seems small businesses have been hit the hardest. Katina Kritikos is the owner of Ethos Rejuvenation Centre in London, Ontario. Over the course of the past year, Katina has had to adapt her business operations, including altering the way she treats clients and extended closures. Kathy and Katina discuss small business survival and revitalizing a brand during a pandemic.

Katina Kritikos is the heart and soul of Ethos Rejuvenation Centre in London, Ontario. Katina turned her passion for beauty care into the holistic, peaceful, and successful small business that is Ethos. Katina approaches each client with personalized, holistic care; listening carefully to the client’s specific concerns in order to properly assess their situation and provide treatments tailored to the client’s needs. Katina sees the skin and body as the extension to the soul, knowing that are all connected on a spiritual level.

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