Meeting the Retirement Challenge

Although RRSPs offer significant benefits, how well they work for you will be determined by the quality of advice you receive, both when you set up the plan and in the future. It is therefore vital to get sound advice on all aspects of managing your retirement savings.
A close long-term relationship with a qualified financial advisor will ensure your savings are arranged to satisfy your present and future needs as best as possible.

An independent financial advisor can provide services that include:

  • Providing a retirement projection to determine how much you must save and invest between now and retirement.
  • Select a suitable portfolio of investments, ensuring your retirement savings are soundly diversified and monitor them on an ongoing basis. This should include ensuring that your portfolio has the maximum foreign content allowable.
  • Ensure that all paperwork to set up, transfer and make periodic changes to your RRSP is completed quickly and accurately.
  • Make adjustments to your registered and non-registered portfolio in response to changes in administrative rules, tax laws, economic conditions and of course, changes in your personal conditions.

Just as importantly, good investment professionals educate their clients about their investments and ensure their clients have access to the best possible service.
A financial advisor can help you set realistic personal financial targets. But remember: based on historical evidence, chances are government and company pension plans alone just won’t do the job. So you must commit to a savings plan to supplement these programs in your retirement.