Podcast: Meet your Money Coach – Danielle Corcoran

Danielle Corcoran is the founder of The Corcoran Coaching Group, a company that works with families, small business owners and corporations to develop money strategies that aid in making better financial decisions and teach how to spend money with intention.

Danielle Corcoran grew up in eastern Canada, specifically Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, and earned her business degree at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. After working for corporations in the marketing and sales fields for more than 20 years, she realized that the entrepreneurial spirit had been calling to her since the age of 10 would not take a backseat any longer.
Knowing that financial stress is one of the biggest triggers for marital strife, depression and anxiety, Danielle’s goal is to do everything she possibly can to help those who want to better manage their finances. Working one on one, or in corporate groups and workshops, Danielle is finally living her true calling in working with clients who are ready to break their destructive financial cycle, and alleviate the unhealthy stress that comes with worrying about money.  

Danielle@daniellecorcoran.com     http://www.daniellecorcoran.com