Podcast: On Money & Other Stuff – Conversation With Keisha Clark

Kathy has invited her friend Keisha Clark, for this conversation about ‘money & other stuff’ as an exploration of some different perspectives and helpful tips to navigate these very interesting times in motion around the world.

Keisha Clark is a SoulEmbody Intuitive and Coach whose playing field is Vibrational Alchemy. Working simultaneously in the physical and non-physical realms, Keisha blends her capacities as a Spirit & Body Whisperer with her gifts of Music and Mysticism, to help her clients stir the energies of their Body, their Soul and their Self into synergistic resonance. And she facilitates them to start living from the space of that resonance, to be creating and having the powerful life they came here to live.

Keisha is also an Author and Inspirational Speaker – and she is the Host of Aligning Divine radio show (which airs on Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern, right here on the Inspired Choices Network) inviting you to having the Joy of lining up with your Essence and living it, *every *day.   Find the podcasts, here – https://www.inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/podcast/aligning-divine-keisha-clark/

You can find more with Keisha, on her website https://keishaclark.live/