Podcast: Your Words Affect Your Finances with Special Guest Christine Noble

Meet Christine Noble and learn how changing the words you use can make a huge impact on your life and your finances.  If you have a situation, desire or goal you would like to change then learn how the words you use can help you achieve what you want. The words we use everyday affect us in so many ways.

Christine Noble is a Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Former Restaurant Owner, Author, Storyteller, Hypnotist, Massage Practitioner, Speaker, Life Coach, Investor, Traveler and Seeker. 

One of Christines’ gifts is to see the talents and abilities in others even when they are dim and dusty. For her it’s a privilege to assist in mental house cleaning to uncover what was forgotten. Did you forget how to be passionate, did you forget how to be happy, to have fun, to be enthusiastic? She too sometimes forgets these things – and she reaches out for help to get back on track to live her dynamic life.

“If I can be part of your dynamic re awakening I would be honoured.” Christine Noble